A Relaxing Family Day

Yesterday, my family and I celebrated family day by playing board games, watching ‘The little prince’, and having a large meal together for dinner. It was really relaxing for a day at home and to be honest, And this holiday came just in time because I was becoming pretty worn out from working two jobs … but for the past week, I’ve been taking it a little easier by giving away my shifts at Nordstrom. Part of the reason why was because of a hair appointment that I had to reschedule for earlier because I have an interview coming up and I don’t think that they’d appreciate purple hair company.

Im kind for getting the hang of working at the jewellery store but I’m still new and getting the hang of it … and since it’s pretty rare that we’ll have someone come in, I don’t get as much practice as I’d like (and I feel like the stakes are pretty high to make a sale).

It’s kind of ironic to see how sales is for both companies because at one, I’m the top seller and it comes natural for me to sell clothes but on the other hand, jewellery is a field that I am not familiar with and I’m not as confident in.

Anyways, that’s a little update to get me into the hang of writing posts. Until next time.


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