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Arriving in Glasgow

Since the end of exchange, I was already thinking about when I’d be reuniting with my friends I made abroad. Two years later in September, I buy a flight to Glasgow and it’s official: I’m going to the UK in March 2017.


First stop- Reykjavik! Just kidding. I wish I weren’t but I was there for a connecting flight and I got to see a bit of their sunrise at least! I only got two hours of sleep out of 7 on the plane in total but as soon as I arrived in Glasgow, the excitement kind of took over the jetlag.


First stop was the Kelvingrove Museum! I don’t know who this mascot is between Maggie and Lewis but I think he’s pretty popular haha


The museum is known for their iconic floating heads!


We were under the impression that no spots were going to open up in the next two hours so we kind of gave up when we went to the Hidden Tea Room, but they actually called us back just in time when we were leaving the museum. It was such a nice way of starting off the day officially with real food > airplane food. I loved the clotted cream here, and it was so reasonably priced for all that food!

Anyways, that ends day 1! I crashed in the evening and took a power nap before we played Monopoly Go just like old times 🙂

I think I’ll have to do a high tea review post sometime- I went to way too many in the span of two weeks..


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