Hues of Blue

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
My hair is back to black 🙂


If you’ve been to a mall recently, you probably noticed that denim is apparently trending like fire this Spring?! I like to see what the trends are but I’m all for just wearing whatever you feel like whenever- and if your staples happens to be trendy, that’s a win!

In this outfit, I wore my thrifted jean jacket from Black Market/Public Butter (forgot which one- but they’re sister brands anyways*), my Kimomo jeans from Monki, my shirt is from Forever21 a couple years back, and a friend gifted me these super comfortable ugg slip ons!

I wear black and white so often at work that on my days off, I try to wear colour or dress a little quirky to feel like myself again. For this outfit, I definitely needed a break from a work uniform so I went for the laid back/casual look.

So a couple months back, I really wanted light brown hair for the warmer season, but after almost half a year of having colored hair (see my purple hair here), I just really missed my natural hair colour. I have dark brown hair with a red undertone, and since my hair was bleached, my hair stylist said black would be the best permanent color for me right now. I’m so happy with the result and my hair doesn’t look as damaged anymore!

It might seem a bit weird to go back to black hair for the summer, especially, but I like being different and it took me a long time to embrace that. Trends are just temporary at the end of the day. Just do you and what makes you feel happy. Even if that means wearing a dark lipstick in the summer (aye)!


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