The AGO after 6

I haven’t been to the AGO in a year 😮 ! My friends and I decided to go on a Wednesday evening after some (cheeky) Nandos and coffee at Versus Coffee !


I don’t remember going to the AGO whenever it was free, so seeing how busy it gets was pretty next level! It was fun though because everyone’s just enjoying the art together 🙂 Usually it’s really quiet – or maybe I just go at the odd hours..


We spent close to two hours looking at all the different sections and the exhibition in the photo below one was by far my favourite! The sci-fi-like atmosphere in the room was so different compared to the rest of the rooms?! Also, I had just watched Alien: Covenant that week so I was still pretty shook by it all.


Thanks for reading about my visit to the AGO and coffee adventures! 🙂



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