Day trip to Loch Lomond!

We spent day 3 of my UK trip by escaping the city and heading to Loch Lomond!

IMG_0376Loch Lomond (“lock low-mund” – I thought it was pronounced like “lock lawmand” at first) was only a 30 minute car ride away from Glasgow. First stop was lunch at Duck Bay Hotel! They also had high tea there but we went for their highly recommended fish & chips and other entrees.


Lesley joined us this trip which was awesome! I haven’t seen her since 2015 New Years in Hong Kong when we first met?! We all listened to a mix of Kpop and English songs in between napping to our next destination: Luss Village.


Luss was sooo adorable! Luss is a small town with a lot of cute houses with really interesting backyards full of decorative gnomes?!  It rained for a couple minutes when we arrived but the sky cleared up quickly afterwards so we got to take our time with taking photos and enjoying the view.

We went to a couple other sites around the other side of the lake and wow the roads were so narrow and the sharp winding turns reminded me of Initial D?! Props to Lesley and Cue for driving us for the whole day omg ;-; they’re pros.

We finished off the day at the restaurant Lesley works at: Ox and Finch! They specialized in contemporary tapas styled dishes and it was soo delicious. We were going to skip desserts to eat elsewhere but Lesley was high key hinting us to get a certain dish- and then I found out why soon after LOL…


It was such a fun day and we were all so stuffed after! It was our last day all together since Maggie was heading to London the next morning, and so was Lewis after- so when we all reached Maggie’s place they surprised me with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE I NOW OWN??! Everyone pitched in to get it for me at this Celtic kilt store omg so that’s when you know it’s legit … so shook. Can’t thank them enough to be honest.


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