Pre-Fall Fashion Inspiration Board

While I was looking through Zara’s Pre-Fall collection I thought: why don’t I just make a visual board of everything I have on my imaginary wishlist? That way, I could always come back to my collages and draw inspiration all at once. So here’s a couple collages/ visual look books that I’ve made.

Zara: Heron Kimono (x), Fabric high heel (x), Jegging (x)

I’m constantly excited to experiment with my style and evolve it with different pieces whenever a new season collection debuts. Trends do not dictate what you have to wear. I see trends as an accent that could be added to your style- not something that you should ever only revolve your outfit around because it’s “in” at the moment.

Left: Oak and Fort- Mesh top (x), Middle: Oak and Fort -Vest (x), Right: Zara – Shoulder padded vest (x



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