July Fashion Inspiration Board

I noticed the response to my last post (Read here) was surprisingly positive and also a hit in the past couple of days! On top of that, I had a lot of fun putting together a couple outfits that I would have personally worn, so I thought I’d make another board for what’s been on my radar this month before it’s over.

1. Polka-dots and whites

For Love & Lemons

White flowy tops and cute speckled polka dotted prints aren’t only a classic piece for the summer but are year round pieces depending on how you style them. I’m always pretty shook whenever I go through For Love & Lemons’ website because everything is so beautiful, (definitely) out of my comfort zone for the most part *aka inspiring*, and of course expensive. I remember this brand to be one of my favourites to sell when I worked at a department store because of how bold and sexy their pieces are.

2. Apron dresses and feminine blouses 

OAK AND FORT – Left: Dress H185 Blouse 1117, Right: Jumpsuit H063
H&M: (L-R) x, x, x

I’ve had a couple people tag me in the Oak and Fort apron dress/jumpsuit because I think by now, a lot of my friends know I like to dress like I work at a bakery or Muji half the time. But I was still so surprised that a pretty big brand sold these pieces?? I usually have to come by these pieces by chance. If I ever get my hands on them, I would style them with the blouses in the picture above – they’re all from H&M and the frills add another dimension of layering while remaining feminine.

3. Pinafores & Cute collars 

Olive Clothing: Button down Pinafore, Check dress 

Ever since I was introduced to the mandarin collar (left) in the street markets of Taiwan, I was obsessed. I love layering the slightly-mock-neck-mandarin-collared blouses under dresses, sweaters, you name it. Cute rounded collars are also a weakness of mine (right), and the micro check printed detail is so adorable. I haven’t bought anything from Olive clothing before- mainly because of their exchange rate being from the U.K… but I have a feeling most of their pieces are sourced from Asia! I like to check out their site and look for alternatives elsewhere.

I hope this was inspirational to you too! So far I have only been journaling my adventures and sprinkling a couple ootd posts here and there. I’m still figuring out what my primary focus for this blog is, although I enjoy writing whatever comes to mind so far. 🙂 


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