Sad Art Store Exhibition (Pop up event)

If you know me, I love visiting really quirky fairs and art exhibitions around Toronto. I’m a big fan of @nessleee and have been following her work since high school! I discovered the S.A.S pop up through her facebook page and immediately looked into what seeemd like an Asian snack store! Here’s a peek…

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_7480

At first, you’d think it would be a snack store through the window display right? But they actually had a range of items for sale. Their main motto on the shirts, pins and accessories had: OK SAD/OK SHY/ OK AT MATH/AGGRESSIVE MATH on it (which is both relatable and hilarious to me).

As you enter the store, there’s a little table of asian seaweed crackers, jello and candies and hanging candy wrappers and ramen packets from the ceiling . Nesslee was there and recognized me from previous events – so we caught up a bit and she told us about the exhibition and what it’s about. The walls were plastered with blown up photographs the artist had taken and were put into collages behind the items for sale. There was one wall of posters of their “YOU’RE ______ FOR AN ASIAN” piece. I related to one of the listed phrases where it stated “YOU’RE TALL FOR AN ASIAN,” since I got that a lot growing up. The S.A.S is a warm, nostalgic space in the heart of the Ossington area and I can’t wait to see what’s next from this artistic group.

The SAD ART STORE is still ongoing until Saturday August 12! Come by, support them and enjoy the exhibition!

Event page: *click me*


1086 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON.


Here’s a Snapchat I took of my purchases:



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