Venice Trip Day 1

Hey! Long time no post- that’s because my mom and I went to Venice, Italy! It was my first time going and I didn’t know what to expect besides a ton of pasta and gondola singers but.. not to my surprise, there was so much more than just that. After the 8 hour airplane ride, we purchased our 3 day boat/bus tickets for about 40 Euros each, and then headed to the water bus to actually reach Venice!


We felt pretty nauseous after all the travelling, but once we reached the Rialto stop, I was stunned by how beautiful the surrounding area was. Every direction was an eyeful of colour, water, and of course, tourists. We were starving after the journey, so we crossed the bridge and ate at the first restaurant we saw! Mom ordered her favourite nero sauce spaghetti with cuttle fish, and we shared a bowl of mussels! Thanks to Will’s thorough google-map-walkthrough with me back at home, I managed to guide us to the hotel incredibly easily despite the winding alleys and maze-like structure that Venice had to offer. At the hotel, we had a porter assigned to literally guide us to our room because, well, it was a maze inside the hotel too. After settling in, we showered, freshened up, and took an hour nap before heading out to Saint Marco Square, which was just around the corner from the Panada Hotel.


I wasn’t sure why mom was saving the breadsticks from the restaurant earlier until I saw the hoards of pigeons. She crumbled some up and the moment she put them in my hand, the pigeons flew over. Saint Marco Square was such huge open area compared to the tight alleys that made up the city, so it’s impossible to not be wowed. Boat stops and restaurants were all lined up by the shore on the other side of the square, and it was the perfect weather for our first day. The line to enter the Campanile was short, so we quickly stood in line and awaited our elevator ride to the top of the tower! From the Campanile, you can see the whole of Venice from the top.

IMG_1665IMG_1685IMG_7992.JPGIt’s too bad that the view is obstructed by the fence, but I confess that I stuck my face in the gap to really take in the view (hehe). Also, it was so windy at the top! Thank goodness we took that hour nap to have enough energy to explore because every other time we passed by this tower, the queue would snake around the square!! We only had to wait about 20 minutes max.


We spent the rest of the afternoon going back to the Rialto and watching the boat race that was coincidentally happening on the same day. Our last meal that day was, of course, pizza and mom’s squid ink cuttle fish spaghetti (again!).



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