For the days where you don’t feel yourself…

Once a month usually for a week (or two), there’s that time where you don’t really feel yourself… in most cases: shark week. You wake up moody, take things everything in too sensitively, and sometimes crave snacks instead of meals. Yep. So how do I deal with all the raging hormones without hurting anyone’s feelings in the meantime? Here’s some cute date ideas to bring yourself on to relax…

Date #1

Go to a nearby park and draw!

I used to draw ALL the time growing up. I started to lose this hobby/passion the older I got since school and work kind of got in the way. I miss drawing anime characters, BTS biases, chibi versions of my friends and just doodling tbh. I’d love to just bring my moleskin journal, pencil and coffee to a park and draw while listening to chill anime soundtracks (like this one!).

Date #2

Go to Edwards Garden and take pictures of pretty flowers

I usually like trekking to High Park or Edwards Garden with a friend and just talk, explore and wander off the trails to look for mushrooms (just kidding.. but I wish I low-key keep an eye out for them on the daily even though they’re rare in the city !). But it’s different just being alone with your thoughts as you’re surrounded by nature and somewhat away from the city life  :).

Honestly, I can’t wait to go on a mushroom hunting date… with myself 😎🍄 wow why didn’t I think of this sooner 

Date #3

Try that new flavor of ice cream/ bubble tea you always wanted to get at Baskin Robbins/ Cha Time/ Tsujiri

Yeah, there’s always that one go-to ice cream or bubble tea flavor we always get even though we want to try something different for once (I see you). But why not get something different this time? TREAT YOSELF RIGHT. I always either get the roasted milk tea with grass jelly at cha time… or super kid ice cream 🌚, but there’s literally so many other flavours to try!

Date #4

Process some of your favorite photos at Loblaws!

I used to do this so so often in high school for good memories, but like some of my other hobbies – they kind of gotten neglected. So why not refresh your photo album/wall or in my case- journal- with cute wallet sized photos?

So these are my four date ideas that I would personally love doing myself by myself! TBH I’d be totally happy doing all of these things with people too but I mean, that would defeat the purpose of chilling with yourself haha 


Sidenote: Sorry I haven’t been updating this space lately. I started a full time job somewhere that I really like and will still be posting about my trip!! Lots of ideas coming~