Holiday Fair in the Square

After a long day of work, I went to my eyelash extension appointment for a refill and hopped on the subway to meet my friends for our dinner date! We started off the night with dinner at Don Don Izakaya. It’s my go-to place after shopping at the  Eaton centre, and my friends were all down to try it out! We shared plates of Karaage, takoyaki and had ramen~

We made our way over to the Nathan Philip Square after:


Going to this market was one of my couple “December Notes” series that I am trying to compile a vlog for. I’ve been so inspired by Marzia’s Notes’ videos and since then, I’ve been trying to make weekly goals of events I want to go to. I figured it would be an extra step to challenge myself and vlog it too! I will post about it once I’m finished, but so far it’s coming along.

The booths were a little underwhelming at the market, but the decorations, beaver tails, and mini rides were a great addition to the Christmas fair. Everything was lit up so nicely and it was surprisingly not as busy as we intended 🙂 If you have a chance to visit the square before Christmas, I’d highly recommend it!




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