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Italy Day 2: Island hopping to Torcello, Murano, and Burano

Our second day in Venice was spent island hopping, and our first stop was Torcello. Torcello a nearby island known for their main attraction – the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, founded in the year 639. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside the Basilica, but it was definitely an underrated destination full of history.


We hopped back on the ferry and headed to our next stop, Murano. I was looking forward to Murano and Burano for their artisans and handmade goods. Looking back, day 2 was definitely a highlight for me because I have a soft-spot for handmade items and boutiques- and the colourful buildings on both islands were incredibly beautiful. On that note, the ferry rides are so smooth and not usually too packed, so my mom and I would usually use nap to rest.


Murano is an island known for their glass blowing – and the whole island is full of boutiques that sell goods directly from their workshops. I love the colourful glass used on the trinkets.


The third stop was Burano, the island of handmade lace! I love how each little island is focused on one single craft. There were so many tourists here, especially because Burano is known for their colourful buildings. After a long day of travelling between islands, I’m so glad Burano was the last one because it was breathtaking, and we really lucked out with amazing weather for our second day. Each boutique had a grandma sitting in the corner showing tourists how they make designs into the lace patterns.

I remember my impression of  Italy being impressed at how at peace and laid-back the locals are, and how time moves a bit slower for everyone to enjoy the present. 



After a successful day two, mom and I passed out as soon as we returned to the hotel 🙂


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