My Christmas Holiday and What I Learned in 2017

IMG_20171225_132359.jpgHappy new year!! It was my first time not having to work retail since graduating, and I I was so blessed to be able to spend a week with my friends, family and boyfriend for the last weeks of 2017!

My goals this holiday were to:

  • Catch up with friends
  • Watch a movie with my siblings
  • Winter date with Will: Unboxing presents

This list was short and sweet, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to do the simplest things when working full time.

Catch up with friends

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to make time for what you love doing, and who you love. Since transitioning from unemployment/part-time work, it’s much harder to schedule out a time to see my friends when they’re either in school, working through hourly or can’t do weekends. But it’s the friends who put in the effort, stick by our plans and hold genuine conversations – they’re my ride or dieeee !! 

Movie with siblings

It’s my ‘sibling tradition’ to watch a horror movie together when we get the chance to all be together during the summer or holidays. This year though, I got to tone down the horror and sibling participation to just my sister & I as we watched Nightcrawler. It was such a thrilling movie and was very well done. I was so impressed by the pacing, the creepiness that I expect Jake Gyllenhaal to bring, and how close to home the “content craze” was to some daily vloggers on youtube out there. I’m not going to let my brothers flake next time though!!!

Christmas Present Unboxing with Will

This was the first Christmas holiday that Will and I spent together and we exchanged presents on boxing day! We filmed our whole unboxing experience on my phone (and were both shook at how well we knew each other through the presents we got!!

Now, onto the cheesy stuff being… What I learned in 2017


The start of 2017 was rough. I was going through heartbreak and wasn’t happy at my workplace either. Through it all, I learned to be patient and that it is okay to wait. I was rushed going into my past relationship, rushing towards my initial success at my previous job and getting ahead of myself. Thank God for my close knit group of friends who had my back during the dark times.

I went to the UK for the first time to reunite with my Scottish friends that I met in Singapore 3 years ago on exchange. Their incredibly warm welcome and open arms had  completely filled me with happiness and enabled me to leave my problems and lift myself up again. I learned that friendship is what you make out of it and how much effort you put in having a lasting life-long connection – no matter how many connecting flights you have to take.

Then, soon after – I met Will.

Funny story – I had initially (honest-to-God) forgot to message him first on a dating app that would only hold the match if the female initiated a conversation LOL… POOR GUY. He used his ‘Extend 1 day” on us and if I had forgotten again, our match would’ve been lost completely. Since our first date, Will had brightened up my whole year in ways that I never expected- we explored downtown, watched Hero Academia on a weekly basis together and had a lot of fashion photoshoots. We liked the same things and our humour was to the T – so it almost felt like it was too good to be true at times. I learned that your heart heals with time, and when you open yourself up to others – your heart grows. I know that sounds so cheesy but no matter how bad your heartbreak was, don’t look back and keep moving forward.

2017 was very very good to me and I look back at it warmly. It was the first time where I was able to surround myself with genuine people, go out of my comfort zone and take risks. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings 🙂 Thanks for reading.







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