Art fair experience: City of Craft and Hanmoto Izakaya

0AB09BCA-B26C-47BF-B147-D5BF353ABBFFSammie & I go to City of Craft 2017 and Hanmoto 

It’s almost become a little tradition for Sammie and I to go to art fairs together while we catch up about our work lives and reminisce over how little we party after graduating uni. I’ve always seen event postings for City of Craft, but was always intimidated by how popular it was and how overcrowded it could get at certain art events- but this year I had to go. This year, my favourite Toronto artist @nessleee was asked to design the poster and tote bag art for City of Craft 2017! I’ve been following her art since discovering her in high school and since Sammie was a fan as well, we wanted to show our support. (Read about the S.A.S. exhibition I went to here).


What stood out about City of Craft compared to all the zine/art fairs was that it wasn’t awkward. Usually, the zine fairs that I go to are all overcrowded, which is expected, but they’re also silent and the crowd almost becomes a conveyor belt of passing booth after booth. I’m still quite anxious going to them because I feel pressured to buy things from artists, or feel like I owe it to them after we have a good conversation – but it was different at City of Craft. We went on the opening night, which we thought would be the most quiet out of the three nights, but it quickly got very busy in a matter of hours… and really hot too. I’m so glad there was really good music playing on every floor and everyone was just genuinely excited. There was also a bigger range of artists – and a larger focus on crafts (to my surprise, tbh). Sammie & I had a ton of self control this time around and each bought an embroidery pack from @kirikipress 🙂

IMG_2611Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

We visited Ness’s booth and saw all the cute patches and ceramics displayed on her table! I congratulated her on being the chosen artist and for her exhibition that happened last Sunday in collaboration with High Noon. She was the curator for the exhibition that was displayed during a live orchestrated performance of Kanye Wests’ songs!

@nessleee and @1percenttalent

After making a couple more rounds, Sammie and I filled out our ballots for what 3 options we’d love to win and headed for dinner. I wanted to bring her to this izakaya nearby called Hanmoto – and she was all for it! I haven’t been there since last year when my hair was really long but I remember that the interior and the vibe was really cool and funky.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with kk2 presetIMG_2656

We were pretty exhausted after exploring so much and headed home straight after! Our favourite dish that night was definitely the Dyno wings. The hostess was also so so friendly and I definitely want to go back more often!


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