Call Me By Your Name: Movie Review


‘Call me by your name’ was the one film that I was most excited for at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last summer. The story line was intriguing and the film was set in Italy, somewhere I was heading to at the time in August when I first heard about the film – which happened to be during the Venice International Film Festival was taking place (read about my experience at VIFF here).

I didn’t get to watch the film at TIFF or VIFF, but finally did last Sunday with my friend, Jordy. We were both really excited for it since we heard of its release and got to catch up over coffee before our movie date, too!


“Call me by your name” was described in these three words by Armie Hammer: Sensual Italian Summer. I couldn’t put it better myself. The film invites you into the middle of a hot summer day in a quiet town of Northern Italy, Crema. You follow Elio (or Elliot) around as he begins to fall inlove with Oliver, an American graduate student who lives with Elio’s family for of 6 weeks. It’s a coming of age story, and also a very natural and organic love story- untouched by the drama that hollywood tends to exaggerate. It was the perfect movie to escape from the cold Canadian winter, and refreshing as well.

The chemistry between the main actors were incredible and now that I’ve watched a couple interviews about their take on the filming- it’s no wonder everything seemed so natural. Timothee Chalamet was actually in Crema for a month prior, learning Italian, guitar and piano for his role. He was thrilled once Armie arrived because they were the only English speakers in town and also instantly became friends. The two were exactly passing time after filming just like they were in their roles- swimming in the lake, drinking espresso and biking around- only without the romance.

I highly recommend everyone to give it a watch because not only is the acting amazing, but it’s also very rare to see a love story progress the way it does in this film in comparison to all the other ‘romance’ films out there at the moment!


Thanks for reading 🙂



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