3 Classpass activities you have to try in Toronto

It’s been a struggle to stay active and it’s only day 28 of 2018..! But thanks to Classpass, it’s been a lot easier to fit an hour in once or twice a week for a month! There’s so so many studios to choose from – but after using CP for a year, I’ve broken down my list to my top 3 recommendations in Toronto:

  1. POP ZUMBA at Elle Fitness & Social


After coming up with excuses after excuse during University, it only made it harder for me to hit the gym now that I’m graduated and working at an office. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been out of Queen’s and the only activity I remember that I actually enjoyed was Zumba. I’ve tried a couple Zumba places around Toronto, like the YMCA’s version of it called arriba, but my favourite spot now is at Elle’s Fitness and Social on King St.! Their Pop Zumba class is so much fun and I love going with my friends to break to sweat by dancing to really catchy top 40 remixes.

2. Barre at Barr3


I look up to Chriselle Lim’s as an influencer and she introduced her readers to barre! It was an exercise I never heard of – but it focuses on pulsing certain muscle groups, working out the core and leaves your body shaking while toning up your muscles. It’s always a challenge to go because it’s also downtown but I find that whenever I make the trek, I never regret it.

3. Moksha flow at Moksha Yoga North York


The classes at Moksha are my go-to and my favourite – the hour flies by so fast and I always feel so relaxed and calm after each class. It’s perfect for the winter months because it is a hot yoga class and you’re bound to sweat like crazy. I try to go to Moksha at least 2 times a week, and it’s always way more fun when a friend is joining me.

It’s been an uphill battle with keeping “fit”, but Classpass has been the only reason why I’ve been consistently going to the gym. I don’t really enjoy running on a treadmill or doing weights, so going to classes has been a great alternative!

Use my link for $30 off your first cycle!! 

$40 for 18 credits can get you 3-4 classes for just $10 with my code 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


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