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MY CUP OF TEA|| Afternoon Tea at SUGAR TIERS| Worth it?


After having experience going to a couple high tea spots around Canada and the UK, I’ve decided to have a new segment on my blog reviewing different cafes called: My Cup of Tea. I don’t know when the addiction started, but I’ve come to love scouting different spots around Toronto for high tea and dress up with my friends to catch up over afternoon tea. This time around, my dad had given me a groupon for two to have afternoon tea at Sugar Tiers in Markham- so I went ahead to book a reservation for two a couple days prior! Read on to see if it was my cup of tea or not:

SUGAR TIERS (relocating to New Market soon)

Groupon: Tea for two at Sugar Tiers (valued at $45 for two)

735 Markland St #4, Markham, ON L6C 0G6

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My impression upon entering Sugar Tiers was: oh, it’s a cake store. There were cakes displayed in rows above the shelves and behind the cashier counter, showcasing their talents in fondant and design. The tables themselves were cheaply and after settling in, all the other customers who had also made reservations started to come in. We were given a box of tea bags to choose from, and from there, were given boiling water in teapots.

When the 3 tiered set came, it was interesting: the first tier on the bottom had sticky coconut rice with spices (malaysian style), with a variety of quiches, pies, a finger sandwich and scone. The second tier had a dense round pudding-like cake and a peanut-butter like cup. And the last tier at the top was where the maracons, shortbread, mini donuts and apple shortbread cookie were.

The overall experience was okay- the environment gave of an impression that it was a little rushed and when we were given a description of each tier, the lady did not seem that interested, unfortunately. I am accustomed to the usual Sloane tea brand, so when I was offered a teabag from Kirkland, it was a little disappointing for the price they charge.

Our favourite treat from the whole set was the scones and shortbread- it was small but good!

We were informed that this location is moving to Newmarket soon because their washroom are in the back, past the kitchen- which was a complaint in a lot of their yelp reviews – and since they don’t have control over it with the owners, they’re moving.

Despite the cute pictures you could take of your tea set, I don’t recommend this location and I don’t think I will be returning again. It was a nice experience overall, but not up to par in terms of service and food.

Verdict: not my cup of tea 😦

Thank you for reading! Until next time.


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