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New York| NYFW ’18 DAY 1

No matter how big or small your interest is in fashion, you’ll at least some across a runway shot during fashion week.

Fashion week. The busiest time in the industry where selected designers are to showcase their projects that set the pace for future trends in the upcoming seasons. Roseann and I have always wanted to attend a show, but because of their invite-only and press-exclusivity, we figured we’d just want to be in the city during the hustle.

The two of us have been dreaming of going to the city that never sleeps during NYFW since last year when we met, and just a month after the new year, we made it happen. Flights- Booked, airbnb- booked, next- take off. Everything was going to plan until I was completely and suddenly struck with a 24 hr flu.. half delusional and exhausted, we somehow managed to mission our way to the suite and pass out completely next to the space heater.

It wasn’t easy getting out of bed, but the excitement of finally starting our first day in the city got us up and out of the door by noon, just barely making it to our Ivan ramen reservation. Now, I never was an avid Chef’s table viewer, but since William’s recommendation of this one episode in particular- of course being ramen- I had already put Ivan’s ramen on my bucketlist halfway through the episode. Stepping into Ivan’s Ramen was culture-shock in itself: the dim lights, warm vibe and delicious smell coming from the open kitchen was enough to have our jaws drop. Having Ivan Ramen for our first proper meal since landing in NY was just what we needed, and agreeably, the best meal we had out of our whole trip.

Snapchat-397987732.jpgsnapchat-2037292226.jpgWe spent the rest of our afternoon exploring SOHO and Chinatown. The unique storefronts and street-fashion made turning every corner exciting. We stopped by small boutique stores on the way to stores like &Other Stories, The Abnormal Beauty Company, and American Two shot. I had researched a ton of stores beforehand, but I love familiarizing myself with a neighborhood and finding little stores here and I had not yet discovered on google maps prior.


Since we were in the SOHO district already, we decided to bump our Laduree reservation a night early and go then and there! It was already dinner time, but we figured a little dessert wouldn’t hurt.

2018-02-11 08.10.38 1.jpg

The room was PACKED and we were seated nearby to wait. Amongst the chaos of the Laduree take out line, and the cafe tucked away in the back, we could hear the live jazz band from across the room. It was a dim, candle-lit room with about 10 tables intimately placed next to each other. Most of the customers were being served mini, two-bite burgers and high tea sets, but since we didn’t want to ruin our appetite (or destroy our wallets in one go), we went for an eclaire and tart, no coffee.


The price was definitely high for what it was, but you aren’t just paying for the dessert, you’re paying for the experience of a Laduree store in the center of SOHO and live music! It was an amazing experience and definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

We bought FIVE GUYS to go and finished off our night watching Bob’s burgers while munching on our own burgers. Still recovering, we slept earlier and that’s it for day 1!



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